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If you are a business person, taking your business online is perhaps one of the best things you’ll ever do. But doing online marketing to make your business a success does not come easy. In fact, this is where the challenge begins. The same goes for speakers and bloggers who aspire to make a name for themselves online. There’s always the struggle to attract leads, get more customers, and increase revenue.

But what if you had the power to change these things? What if, instead of struggling to get leads, they would come to you automatically after strategically setting up some simple ads?  Then, what if you could convert those leads into high-paying customers after setting up an automated Webinar system? Well, now you can if you follow the step by step instructions included in Auto Webinar Profits by leading Internet marketer Mario Brown.

Auto Webinar Profits is a course designed to teach how to use webinars as part of your overall marketing strategy. It is a system that is 100% automated to generate leads, convert these leads to customers, and follow up while generating daily sales. With Auto Webinar Profits, Mario shows you step by step how to: 1) attract leads, 2) convert those leads into customers, 3) automate your operations, and 4) scale your business.

Mario also shows you how to:

  • Create a successful video ad.
  • Create a high converting landing page and a thank you page.
  • Build an automated pre-recorded webinar.
  • Implement a successful sales funnel.
  • Sell information products with less effort.
  • Sell high-priced consulting and coaching.


Auto Webinar Profits is perfect for any marketer, speaker, or blogger who has been frustrated with the results of their lead generation efforts. Mario shows you exactly what is working for him, and walks you step by step through his sales materials and his webinar series. Mario also shares his successful Facebook advertising techniques. It’s like watching over the shoulder of a pro as he shows you his secrets to success.


Although Mario teaches you how he’s built a successful business using automated webinars in Auto Webinar Profits, it’s up to you to take action. You still have to create your product or service and follow Mario’s steps on how to market it.


Auto Webinar Profits is great training course that teaches you how to use pre-recorded automated webinars to market your business online. You’ll learn the secrets of a successful Internet marketer and exactly what has worked for him. Mario’s style is engaging, motivating, and entertaining.

Check out the demo video below to see Auto Webinar Profits in action.

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Auto Webinar Profits
Auto Webinar Profits Review & Ratings
Auto Webinar Profits is a unique training course developed and delivered by successful Internet marketer Mario Brown. Mario teaches you exactly how he's built a successful business using pre-recorded automated webinars.
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Teaches how to automate lead generation and sales.
Shows you how to create and deliver automated webinars.
Learn from a successful Internet marketer.
Mario has an engaging and motivating style.
Perfect for authors, speakers, coaches, and online marketers.
Can be a bit challenging for those with no online marketing experience.
You still have to create your own product or service to sell.
Overall Rating
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