Monkey Playr

Monkey Playr

Most Website Owners Use Standard YouTube Embed Codes On Their Sites And ALL Of Them Are Missing Out On Essential Marketing Functionality As A Result! With Monkey Playr, You Can Add Any Video From YouTube or Amazon S3 To Your Website Or Blog With All The Cool (And Usually Premium Paid) Marketing Features Offered By The Big Video Hosting Companies.

Monkey Playr is the ideal solution for:  Sales Videos (VSLs), Training/Explainer Videos, Product Showcases & Demos, Affiliate Review Videos, Blog Content Videos…  In fact ANY video you need to put on your website!  Just copy the Monkey Playr code snippet and add it to any page (including WordPress posts and pages).

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Monkey Playr Standard Features

    Use MonkeyPlayr to set the video’s start and end times – Show visitors the whole video or just a specific section that you want them to see.
    Great for sales letters & opt-in pages where your conversion rates are key! MonkeyPlayr lets you automatically start ANY video playing instantly.
    Want a simple, clean and unbranded player? Then just select the ‘Modest Branding’ option which removes the YouTube logo from the player.
    With Monkey Playr you can choose to loop the playback of any video or video playlist. (You can also choose to disable related videos if needed).
    Serve any video on your site with the added extra security of HTTPS (great for payment/cart pages) and force 720/1080 HD so all videos look great.

Ways to Use Monkey Playr

  • EDIT PLAYERS CENTRALLY – Once you’ve created a player and added it to your site you can then control everything from your central dashboard – You can even update all your players remotely across multiple sites.
  • FOR HTML & WORDPRESS – You can use Monkey Playr on any website including HTML & PHP sites. Our smart script snippets also work on WordPress which makes adding videos to posts or pages easy.
  • EASY *NOTHING* TO CODE OR INSTALL – Because Monkey Playr is a web based service (SaaS) you don’t have to waste time with messy installs or fret about modifying or editing any confusing code. It’s fast, smart and simple!
  • SAVE WITH ZERO VIDEO HOSTING FEES – Why spend potentially thousands of dollars or be controlled with limited viewers with paid video hosting when you can harness the amazing power of YouTube which is 100% free and reliable.
  • YOUTUBE OR YOUR OWN MP4 VIDEOS – While Monkey Playr was primarily designed to enhance the playback of YouTube videos, you can also use the self hosted .MP4 option to play ANY video that you like (just enter the video link).

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