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Advancements in technology and changes in the behavior of buyers online has made running an Amazon affiliate store challenging. Competition can be tough, and you need to have innovative strategies to grow. You might want to consider going to social media. If you want to bring in traffic and grow your business, Facebook can definitely help. It’s where you can get customers who are interested in your niche. Not only do people socialize on Facebook, but they also now buy and sell there. The thought of combining the best of both worlds of Amazon and Facebook is what made Social Stores.

Social Stores is software that allows you to build an Amazon affiliate store inside Facebook, as well as standalone Amazon stores simultaneously. Social Stores engages fans and encourages more people to tag, like and share posts from fan pages with your affiliate link. With Social Stores, you can create Amazon affiliate stores with unlimited products, and monetize your Facebook fan pages. It’s easy to use, since everything is point-and-click.

Social Stores comes with the following features:

  • Builds a store in any niche
  • Be instantly live inside Facebook
  • Fills a store with unlimited products on demand
  • Creates a standalone website with a unique sub-domain name
  • Supports 90-day Amazon cookies
  • Mobile responsive websites
  • SEO optimized sites
  • Geo-targeted
  • Multi-currency
  • 100% web-based app
  • Facebook and Amazon compliant
  • Automatic updater for prices
  • Beautiful built-in themes


Using Social Stores, you can maximize exposure and attract buyers from Facebook. The features of Social Stores make everything quick and easy, as they address your basic needs in running an Amazon store. If you want to make more Amazon affiliate sales, but you have trouble generating traffic, Social Stores can be very helpful for you.


Social Stores doesn’t have a feature that provides analytics to track traffic and your store’s performance. Facebook page tabs do not work on mobile devices, and Facebook fan pages normally rank lower than websites in search engines.


Social Stores can be quite helpful in bringing in social traffic to your Amazon affiliate store. It is a simple and hassle-free software where everything is done by just a few clicks. However, it does not provide statistics for you to keep track of your traffic. Facebook page tabs don’t work on mobiles, but if you post from your store to your timeline, any product from your store is completely accessible from all mobile devices.

Check out the demo video below to see Social Stores in action.

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Social Stores
Social Stores Review & Ratings
Social Stores is a user-friendly software as a service that creates custom self-sustaining Amazon affiliate stores inside Facebook.
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Creates social Amazon affiliate stores inside Facebook.
A web-based app with nothing to install or upload.
Facebook and Amazon compliant.
Has a simple to use interface.
Completely SEO optimized.
Has a range of beautiful built-in themes.
Automatically updates prices displayed in your store.
Creates standalone mobile responsive websites with unique subdomain name.
Lacks the analytics to track traffic your store’s performance.
Facebook page tabs do not work on mobile devices.
Facebook pages rank lower than websites in search engines.
Overall Rating
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