SocialNeos Review, Ratings & Bonus
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SocialNeos is a WordPress plugin that offers advanced options in locking all kinds of content. The two main benefits of SocialNeos are generating viral traffic and list building. It attracts visitors to subscribe to your email list and share your content on major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. With SocialNeos, you can lock content on web pages and blogs; you can also lock graphic images and videos easily.

One of the best features SocialNeos has to offer is when visitors unlock the content through sharing your content, SocialNeos will automatically get their email with capture integration and add them to your list. Hence, it’s a super list builder and sharing tool – all in one.

For example, SocialNeos can prevent videos from playing until the visitor decides to click the share button. This can help videos to go viral. Their email address can also be captured right away. SocialNeos is also ideal for offline businesses. For example, a restaurant can put a QR code on their menu. When the customer scans it, it takes them to a SocialNeos locked page, The lock says “Share this and get 10% off your bill”. When the customer shares it, they get their coupon, their friends learn about the restaurant, and the restaurant gets their email address!

Using SocialNeos on your website offers several benefits:

  • Entice visitors to subscribe to your website.
  • Enhance social signals quickly.
  • Increase viral and regular traffic.
  • Customizable with 100 built-in templates, images and designs to offer.
  • Lock video content.
  • Build your email lists.
  • Shares easily with 4 major social sites; Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Integrates with popular auto-responders.


SocialNeos is easy to set up. It helps your deals, offers, and products go viral. It helps build your email list effectively. You can customize your content and website however you like.


You can’t use  autoresponders that are not currently supported by SocialNeos. But it does support AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and iContact.


We believe that SocialNeos is a great WordPress plugin for both online and offline marketers. It is a unique tool that allows marketers to lock content, requiring visitors to share the content or provide their email address. It helps build both viral traffic, as well as your email list.

Check out the demo video below to see SocialNeos in action.

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SocialNeos Review, Ratings & Bonus
SocialNeos is a unique and easy to use WordPress plugin that helps marketers both generate viral traffic through social media, and build their email optin list.
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Helps videos and other content to go viral.
Builds email lists effectively.
Good for use with coupons and contests.
Limited selection of supported autoresponders.
Overall Rating
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