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There are several effective ways to increase your profit online. One of them is using content to draw more traffic and sales to your pages. The content you share has a huge impact on your success; it is key to build trust and draw potential customers to your website. The problem is, constantly creating and sharing your own quality content requires a lot of time and effort, and you don’t always know if people are going to like it.

Creating all original content is not easy and is definitely time consuming. It takes hours of research to know the latest trends and the most relevant issues out there. But what if you could easily leverage the hottest content on the web from different trusted brands and use it to your advantage? This is exactly how SpeedLeads works.

SpeedLeads is the ultimate browser extension every marketer needs in their arsenal. It lets you leverage the best content on the web to generate more leads for your website. How does it work?

SpeedLeads lets you add a call to action to the hottest content on the web to generate traffic and capture leads without leaving the original page. By simply clicking the Speed Leads icon in your browser, selecting the campaign you want for your page, and choosing where you want to share the link, you can now generate more traffic and capture leads from the content you normally browse and share online.

SpeedLeads lets you:

  • Share links and drive conversions.
  • Get connected with the largest traffic sites on the Internet to boost your brand.
  • Get the exposure your brand needs.
  • Capture leads from every simple click.
  • Track your success in real time.
  • See your campaign on any device.
  • Works in every browser alongside all website platforms and all major marketing software.
  • Create custom branded URLs.
  • Know the full potential of the software through the provided high quality video training.
  • Get world class support from the SpeedLeads team if you need it.


SpeedLeads is an easy to learn, convenient, and easy to use browser extension. It allows you to leverage the most trusted websites online to boost your brand awareness and generate leads by sharing curated content. You can overlay your own branded call to action to popular content on the web, and generate leads and sales by people taking action to view it. You can also retarget people who click on your links by adding your retargeting pixel(s) to the lead boxes you overlay on the content you share. The software includes built in analytics, works with any autoresponder, and is reasonably priced.


SpeedLeads doesn’t totally eliminate the need to generate your own content. But it does provide a great way to generate leads and drive traffic back to your site by sharing quality content you find on the web.


You are probably already sharing links to interesting content you find on the web. With the SpeadLeeds browser extension, you can easily put a call to action in front of this content to collect leads and subscribers. SpeedLeads is a great way to build your list and monetize your content sharing strategy. If you are in the market for a better solution to generate leads and traffic through content sharing, then SpeedLeads could be for you.

Check out the demo video below to see SpeedLeads in action.

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Speed Leads Review & Ratings
SpeedLeads is a revolutionary solution designed to generate leads and traffic through utilizing the power of sharing great content you find on the web.
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Easy to learn and very convenient to use.
Leverage the most trusted websites online to boost your brand awareness.
Works with any autoresponder.
Ability to add retargeting pixels to lead boxes.
Analyze your stats with built in tracking.
Doesn't totally eliminate the need to generate your own unique content.
Overall Rating
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