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Trusty Cane Review & Ratings

Disability and mobility problems are oftentimes caused by accidents and medical conditions, but they also increase with age. Thankfully, the availability of assistive canes helps improve the lives of those who have difficulty walking and moving around. An assistive cane distributes the weight of a person from a weak or painful leg to the cane,…

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The Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch Review & Ratings

What’s great about technology is its ability to help you do things faster and easier, with less effort – it can basically make your life better. Technology is abundant; from complex gadgets to computers and appliances, to simple items such as handy tools and automated equipment. Remote controls and pre-programmed devices proved to be very…

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Simply Fit Board Review & Ratings

Balance training is important because everything we do involves balancing. When you walk, you are balancing. When you are running, when you are bending to pick something up, when you are going in and out of your car, and when you are climbing the stairs, you are balancing. Proper balance training reduces the chances of…

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