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There’s a range of software and tools you can use to maximize revenue for your online business. One of the most recent innovations is the marketing funnel. It’s even considered a marketer’s new best friend. A funnel is a guided path that prospects move through in the sales process. It takes them from their first engagement of your product through a number of steps that are intended to result in one or more conversions. Well-sculpted marketing funnels can be amazing when it comes to increasing conversions.

Marketing funnels consist of sales pages which are usually created via landing page software, and tied together based on the actions of the visitor. Funnel builders have become very popular with Internet marketers due to the value of creating high converting landing pages and marketing funnels. However, creating a page can be frustrating when you are trying to make the software do what you want it to do. There are moments when you are just trying to move a submit button or an image, but can’t get it done the way you want.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing landing page software to create marketing funnels is page load speed. Slow loading of your funnel pages can be annoying for your customers and prospects, and can also reduce your rankings in the search engines. No matter how great your site can look and how good your offer is, it’s of no use when nobody waits around to read it.

Convertri is a powerful cloud-based landing page builder and funnel builder that is designed for speed. Convertri uses Fastly, an advanced Content Delivery Network. This means that every page you build will load very quickly. And every user of Convertri gets Fastly as part of their account.

Aside from fast loading of your funnel pages, Convertri provides easy, flexible, and fast setup of your landing pages and page funnels. Convertri gives you complete freedom of design. No rows, no columns, no sections. It’s an “anything, anywhere” landing page builder. On top of that, all images you upload are automatically optimized for best performance.

Convertri comes with the following features:

  • Built-in templates
  • Built-in countdown timers
  • Unlimited funnels and pages
  • Detailed analytics and split-testing
  • Instant page upload
  • 2-step opt-in
  • Video backgrounds
  • Sticky headers
  • Pop-ups
  • Facebook comments support
  • Clone elements and sections
  • Multiple integrations
  • Mobile page creator


As Convertri pages are optimized for speed and hosted on their own high performance platform combined with the Fastly CDN, pages load lightning fast. Convertri can also handle a bulk of traffic without you worrying about servers going down right in the middle of your product launch. Furthermore, it has all of the features that marketers need to create high converting landing pages and funnels.


Although Convertri has a mobile page builder that automatically creates a mobile page from your main page design, you need to tweak it a bit to get the best looking results. Due to its power and flexibility, using the editor and creating pop-ups in Convertri can also be a little complicated to learn. As Convertri is a fully cloud-based solution, it is only offered on a recurring subscription pricing model.


Convertri is very powerful and flexible landing page and funnel builder. You don’t have to worry about your page load speed, as it is very fast due to the platform and all of the automatic optimizations built in. Despite the inconvenience of having to tweak page designs for mobile and tablet users, Convertri has a load of benefits and features built in to create pretty much any type of high-converting landing page or marketing funnel you want.

Check out the demo video below to see Convertri in action.

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Convertri Review & Ratings
Convertri is a cloud-based landing page and funnel builder solution that helps increase conversions with its lightning-fast page delivery, complete flexibility in design, and the ability to create complex funnels in minutes.
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Provides easy and flexible creation of landing pages and funnels.
Very fast page speed; includes Fastly CDN.
Cloud-based; automatically updated; nothing to install.
Mobile page builder requires tweaks after main page design and updates.
Creating pop-ups can be tricky to learn due to layered design.
Overall Rating
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