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Getting people’s attention, either to let them read your content or watch your sales videos, is getting harder these days. There are many sources of information and entertainment constantly competing for their attention. A great product is useless if it cannot capture the attention and interest of visitors and viewers. Content with a strong visual component is much more likely to be read. Good visuals may include photos, graphic arts, and a variety of fonts and colors. For effective marketing, it is important to have engaging visuals.

It is now well recognized that good video ads can convert much better than traditional graphical ads. Explainer videos or animated sketch videos are becoming more popular in digital marketing, as when done well, they can be very effective in converting sales. These videos usually utilize a whiteboard wherein a hand doodles or sketches images and text to tell a story or illustrate ideas. Marketers are more and more leveraging the power of these videos to capture the attention of the viewer and convey their message. The software used to create these animated videos can be quite complex to use, however.

Doodles and hand-drawn sketches particularly can make your content come to life. Drawings done by hand add a touch of humanness to your content. It is an effective way to engage your audience because it is entertaining to watch. Viewers are more likely to watch the entire video and take whatever action you want them to take at the end.

Furthermore, given the information overload that many people feel nowadays, human attention spans are decreasing. It’s difficult to hold people’s attention without powerful visuals like these animated videos. Doodles are also great for statistics and figures. The human brain is generally poor at processing numbers unless it is given a sort of context to put them into perspective.

Utilizing easy to use software to create these animated videos is cost-effective. Instead of hiring experts to make these animated videos for you, you can now do it yourself. Taking advantage of these unique videos can help you promote your online business and boost your conversions.

One of the best animated explainer and sketch video creation tools available today is Doodly. Doodly is very functional and easy to use. With its pre-made graphics and sound tracks, you can create realistic animated videos. With Doodly, you can design and create unlimited videos even without design or technical skills. Doodly allows you to easily make fascinating sales videos that everyone will love and enjoy. These videos increase engagement and turn your visitors into buyers. You don’t have to be good in drawing to make the videos. All it takes is some creativity and practice.


Doodly is simpler to use compared to other explainer video animation software. It utilizes a very easy drag and drop interface to create videos. Normally, it takes hours or even days to create and edit a traditional explainer sales video. With Doodly, you can create your first video in minutes. Doodly also produces very realistic animations. It has a unique feature that allows you to switch between whiteboard, blackboard, and the all new glassboard. It includes thousands of royalty-free whiteboard images, characters, scenes, and sounds to help you create great videos fast.


Given its ease of use, Doodly it is not as flexible and powerful as some of the more complex explainer video software. There is currently no one-time pricing available, but you can choose between several monthly or annual pricing plans, based on the features you need.


Doodly is one of the easiest ways to create great-looking explainer videos and sketch videos for use as sales videos. With its enhanced doodle draw technology, it creates very realistic animations. Although Doodly lacks some of the features of more complex video animation software, it has lots of built-in characters, props, images, and audios to help you quickly create engaging doodle videos.

Check out the demo video below to see Doodly in action.

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Doodly Review & Ratings
Doodly is a fun and easy to use explainer and sketch video animation creator that helps you produce powerful sales videos designed to attract and engage viewers, and increase conversions.
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Has enhanced doodle draw technology for more realistic animation.
Included assets are royalty-free and ready to use.
Has a simple drag and drop interface.
Create as many videos you want.
Works on both PC and Mac.
Not as powerful as more complex explainer video creation software.
No one-time pricing model.
Overall Rating
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