Dreamie Beach & Pool Blanket/towel As Seen On Tv

Dreamie Beach & Pool Blanket/towel As Seen On Tv

  • Beach-Pool Blanket and Pillow Pocket All in One
  • Storage/Pillow Pocket Enclosure With Snap
  • 33″x 89″ Folded and 66″ x 89″ Unfolded
  • Made From Soft-Durable 100% Polyester
  • As Seen On TV

Product Description

Going to the beach is fun alright, but what about the mess it leaves behind, including clothes and towels that end up getting spoilt in sand? And isn’t finding a place to relax at another hassle that worries you whenever you go to the beach? Now get more organized and be fully prepared the next time you make a trip to a beach by arming yourself with the amazing Dreamie Beach Towel, the world’s first fold out beach and pool blanket with a pillow pocket

Price: $9.99

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