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A Video Sales Letter (VSL), or presentation text style video, is a marketer’s best friend. As important as email marketing and webinars, VSLs play a key role in the success of your online business. A good VSL conveys your message about your products and services effectively to viewers. Its purpose is to catch the attention of the viewers, stimulate interest, provide information, and convince them to grab your offer. VSLs enable the viewers to understand more about your product, why they need the product, and why choose that particular product. As an online marketer, you may know that a good VSL is essential for your products, but creating a good one is a challenge.

Creating video sales letters is expensive and hard work. It’s a complicated process that takes a lot of time and expertise. It involves copywriting, video editing, and voice over. If you lack or don’t have any of these skills, then you definitely have to source it out, which means more expense. Most people also use PowerPoint to make the video slides, but it can be time-consuming and quite tedious. Nonetheless, you must have it because it simply works wonders for your online business. Video sales letters have been proven effective in increasing visitor retention, higher leads, and more sales. Good thing there’s Easy VSL 3.0.

Easy VSL 3.0 simply identifies itself as it is named, which is to enable you to create video sales letters quickly and easily. It is an Adobe Air based software that turns simple written text scripts into a kinetic video slide shows. You can use the slideshow templates or add graphics with its built-in image database. To complete your video, you add your audio by using your own voice over or use its text-to-speech feature. It has a built-in audio recorder and sound effects library. Easy VSL 3.0 also allows you to add any type of video right inside your presentation video. You can export and import your presentation to another computer running Easy VSL 3.0.


Easy VSL 3.0 saves you time and money in producing video sales letters. You don’t have to use PowerPoint or outsource people to create the VSL for you. It is, by far, the easiest and best presentation video creator in the market. Easy VSL 3.0 is constantly updated, so you are assured that it will improve even more over time. The newly added features of this version such as the built-in audio recorder and voice recognition, more graphics, automatic translator, and sound effects, make it more useful and versatile.


While Easy VSL 3.0 is being frequently updated, there are still features that we are hoping to have in the software. Just like any other software, it takes time to get used to it and learn how to utilize the features. This software is limited to create presentation text style videos. It’s not for creating demonstration videos or screen recording.


Easy VSL 3.0 is particularly suitable for sales pages. With what it can do for you, it is a practical alternative for PowerPoint and outsourcing talents when creating video sales letters. Though it creates presentation text style videos only, this limitation is negated by its ability to insert any video clips into your Easy VSL 3.0 video. The creators of Easy VSL 3.0 have been listening to user feedback and have been consistently improving the product. With all of these enhancements, it is a good bet that Easy VSL 3.0 will continue to improve and help you in your online business.

Check out the demo video below to see Easy VSL 3.0 in action.

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Easy VSL 3.0
Easy VSL 3.0 Review & Ratings
Easy VSL 3.0 is an Adobe Air based software that easily and quickly helps you create high quality presentation text style videos, AKA video sales letters (VSLs).
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Creates slides automatically.
Includes a range of themes and custom fonts to choose from.
Comes with a built-in audio recorder and sound effects.
Can translate text to other languages.
Has voice recognition that converts speech to text.
Allows you to insert video clips.
Enables you to export and import your presentations.
Limited to create presentation text style videos only.
Command on text script to properly split your slides is not automated.
Overall Rating
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