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Facebook offers more than just social networking. It provides a great marketing platform for many businesses. In fact, Facebook is the Internet’s largest growing traffic source worldwide. If you are looking for a better way to gain traffic, then you need Facebook ads – where you can turn online audiences into customers. However, Facebook is growing so fast, it is becoming more expensive and competitive. Fortunately, there are new products and training programs that are available on the web. One of these programs is the Five Dollar Posts training course, where you will learn how to utilize cheap Facebook ads to build your list and boost your sales.

This training course teaches Facebook advertising techniques learned and perfected by accomplished New York Time best-selling author and Internet marketer Ron Douglas. In Five Dollar Posts, Ron aims to educate you on how to create high converting marketing landing pages and use Facebook ads to increase traffic to your pages. The goal is to come up with 500 leads per day just by paying $5 for Facebook ads. How is this possible? Ron Douglas offers a 6-week training course for you to find out.  The program consists of 6 modules:

  • Week 1 – Initial setup, research, and overview
  • Week 2 – Your lead funnel & followup
  • Week 3 – Setting up your ads
  • Week 4 – Testing, tracking, and analytics
  • Week 5 – Scaling up
  • Week 6 – Hour With The Experts – Advanced Strategies and Case Studies

Inside the modules you will find Ron’s step by step guide on how to achieve success. The program focuses on Facebook Ads’ potential to gather more traffic at a very low cost.

What to expect in the program?
  • You will uncover a simple Facebook lead generation game plan.
  • Learn to legally steal advertising secrets.
  • 3 simple steps for a successful online marketing program.
  • How to create a profitable list building campaign.
  • Where to find the best resources for great sales copy.
  • How to handle negative posts.
  • How to ensure you’ll always have access to your page even if your Facebook account gets banned. And how to avoid getting banned in the first place.


Five Dollar Posts was created by successful Internet marketer Ron Douglas. His success and experience is proof of the program’s value. The program is available at a very low price for a 6-week training course. It consists of valuable information that can help you grow as an online marketer.


There are some additional video and tool upsells that aren’t included in the base price of the program, but they aren’t necessary to get value from the training.


Five Dollar Posts is an excellent low cost training program to teach online marketers how to get the most out of Facebook advertising.  Ron Douglas shares the Facebook Ads secrets he’s learned over the years in a very engaging presentation style. If you want to learn how to use Facebook Ads to build you list fast, this program is for you.

Check out the demo video below to see Five Dollar Posts in action.

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Five Dollar Posts
Five Dollar Posts Review, Ratings & Bonus
Five Dollar Posts is an ideal training program for online marketers who want to learn how to build their list, increase traffic, and maximize conversions using Facebook Ads.
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Ron Douglas' success is proof of the program’s worth.
Very low price for a 6-week training course.
Valuable information that can help you grow as an online marketer.
Focuses only on Facebook.
Expect upsells for additional videos and tools.
Overall Rating
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