Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera Review & Ratings
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Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera

It’s good to take advantage of current technological advancements, especially when it comes to safety and security. Whether it is for your home, office or business, a high quality security system is a huge help in monitoring and protecting your property. With increasing crime rates, almost every household and business can benefit on security cameras as additional precaution. With a good security system, you can sleep well feeling assured, or go on vacation without the fear of theft or trespassers on your property.

IP security cameras are the latest trends in terms of security systems. An IP security camera uses the Internet to send captured and recorded images, instead of using a wired analog system. You can securely access the data remotely from any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has an Internet connection. With this type of security system, there is no need for you to install complicated wiring.  IP security cameras are very practical and convenient because they can help you save time, effort and cost of system installation, compared to wired analog security systems. The quality of the images captured by today’s IP cameras is also excellent.

If you are thinking of buying an IP security camera specifically for your home or office, the Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera is a good option for you to consider. When choosing an IP security camera, you want to make sure it captures clear images both during daytime and nighttime. Other factors to consider are the range of distance it can view, and its overall quality and features. The Foscam FI9821P rates highly in all of these.

The Foscam FI9821P has a plug and play function that enables you to scan the QR code on the camera and set it up more quickly. It has 1280x720p HD resolution, H.264 video compression, built-in DVR via SD card, two-way audio, WiFi-N capability, and pan/tilt. It has an IR cut filter with a night vision of up to 8 meters. It allows remote viewing and recording as well as storage to the cloud (optional). This system supports smart devices and standard web browsers. It also has an optional motion detection notification feature so you can have it send you an email, for example, when it senses motion. This IP security camera is available in either black or white, to match your decor.

Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera
Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera Review & Ratings
The Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera is an indoor security camera with 1280x720 HD resolution, excellent night vision, H.264 video compression, and a lot of practical features that make it an ideal baby, pet, or elderly monitor as well.
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Its HD image quality is outstanding.
Has night vision almost as good as daytime.
The plug and play feature makes installation and set up simpler.
H.264 video compression allows smooth HD video transmission and saves storage space.
Allows easy remote viewing and recording for convenience.
Has motion detection that can send you an email notification.
Has minimal bandwidth consumption.
Installing and setting it up can be a bit tricky for first-timers.
Overall Rating
Foscam FI9821P Wireless IP Camera
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