JINXIU Casserole Small Casserole Dish Binaural Shallow Induction Casserole with Tough Enamel Coating Macaron Color 2L (Color : Yellow)

  • ● COOKING APPLIANCE: Made from tough enamel coating, prevents rusting and makes it easier to clean.
  • ● CASSEROLES: Releasing heat steadily and evenly, the casserole dish is perfect for slowly cooking stews, ragouts, cassoulets and large joints of meat.
  • ● HARD SOLID: Add the strong cooker to your kitchen, whether it’s for just home use or use in a professional environment it’s suitable for both.
  • ● ANY HEATING SOURCE: The pot is suitable for any heating source, whether it’s gas, halogen, radiant ring or induction, the piece is versatile and will excel in your kitchen!
  • ● SERVICE: If you are confused about the product or have any other questions, you can contact us And we Will give You a satisfactory answer.

Product Information

Color: Yellow

New from $44.54 (1 offers)

Price: $44.54

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