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If you are skeptical and have no idea how to advance your marketing methods in finding prospective customers, then what you need is to improve your lead generation. Collecting leads is a great way to generate sales. By collecting qualified leads, you can build a prospective customer email list to which you can mail your offers. And as you may know, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels.

So, what is one of the best ways to get leads? If you’ve done any type of Internet marketing, you’ve probably tried Facebook ads. But have you tried Facebook Lead Ads yet? Facebook Lead Ads can be a cost effective way to generate a massive amount of leads. You may ask “What are Facebook Lead Ads?” Facebook Lead Ads are a relatively new Facebook ad format that advertisers can use to create simple ads that allow Facebook users to submit their contact information with one click. How? Facebook prepopulates the lead form with the user’s contact info in their Facebook profile. This is especially great for mobile users, who don’t have to type anything in to send you their info.

The problem with Facebook Lead Ads, though, is that in order to get your leads, you have to log into your Facebook ads account and manually download a file. In addition, since it is a relatively new ad format, it can be challenging trying to figure out how to create Lead Ads and convert those leads into customers. This is where Mario Brown’s Mobile Lead Flow comes in. Mobile Lead Flow consists of software to automate the collection of leads for Facebook Lead Ads, as well as training on how to use Facebook Lead Ads.

The Mobile Lead Flow software will allow you to automatically collect leads from Facebook and ad these leads into your favorite auto-responder. The Mobile Leads Flow training  consists of a step-by-step HD video training course to teach you how to convert your leads into customers.

Here’s what you get in the training:

Module 1 – System Overview & Mental Toughness
  • Shows the proven income generating formula.
  • Discover why lead ads are critical.
  • Mario Brown shares his mental toughness hacks for bigger profits and growth.
Module 2 – Lead Conversion Flow & Funnel
  • Discover the exact funnel Mario uses to convert leads into customers.
  • Learn two proven ways to monetize your leads while building good rapport with the customers.
Module 3 – Ads Manager & Power Editor Crash Course
  • Master the Ads Manager and Power Editor in a short time.
  • Join Mario Brown as he shows you the step by step process in creating a good campaign in a snap.
Module 4 – The Ultimate Webinar & Conversion Template
  • Learn to convert Facebook Audiences into leads.
  • Get access to Mario’s proven Webiner Template which his high end coaching clients have access to.
Module 5 – Case Studies & Real World Application
  • Get ideas for your own funnels, campaigns and conversion strategies through accessing Mario’s high converting webinars.
  • Learn new flows and strategies from his webinars that generate revenue in just 60 minutes.

With Mobile Lead Flow, you can:

  • Build lists of prospect customers in just a short time.
  • Get newsletter sign-ups.
  • Get more leads from Facebook.
  • Save your time and money on expensive advertising.
  • Promote business deals, offers, coupons and promos effectively.


If you are looking for a better way to increase your leads through Facebook and are new to Facebook Lead Ads, then this is the perfect program. The software is powerful and easy to use, and Mario Brown’s engaging training style offers valuable tips on how to effectively use FB lead ads. Mario Brown also offers a quick and easy tutorial video that will help you get started in no time.


If you are only looking to automate the collection of leads through Facebook lead ads, you might want to try a less costly solution. But if you want some great training on how to use FB lead ads, in addition to automation software, Mobile Lead Flow may be for you.


Facebook lead ads can be a great way to collect a massive amount of sales leads. Mobile Lead Flow is one of the best products that will both 1) teach you how to use Facebook lead ads, and 2) automate the collection of leads through Facebook lead ads. You’ll also learn Mario Brown’s methods behind his lead generation success.

Check out the demo video below to see Mobile Lead Flow in action.

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Mobile Lead Flow
Mobile Lead Flow Review & Ratings
Mobile Lead Flow is a high quality combined software and training program that can help online marketers generate and collect a massive amount of sales leads using Facebook Lead Ads.
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Easy to use software.
Offers quick and easy to follow tutorial videos.
Includes Mario Brown's real world case studies.
One time pricing option for lifetime access with no recurring fees.
There are less costly options if you only want software without the full Lead Ads training.
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