Ninja Division NJD410302 Alien vs Predator-Queen

Ninja Division NJD410302 Alien vs Predator-Queen

Queen monarch profanities no matter what you call her the xenomorph queen inspires terror wherever she goes. Inspiring Drones and Soldiers with hive intelligence she can turn a colony thousands strong into chestburster food in mere weeks. And if you are foolish enough to enter her lair your screams as she rips you apart will be the last sound you ever make. The exclusive destination for developing your children's originality and individuality. Our collection comprises of Role Playing games Card collectibles Magazines Dice games and other accessories. Our products deliver both fun and entertainment to your children. We strive to provide the top notch goods to the people. These games incorporate teamwork logical thinking and creativity in the budding minds.


  • Alien vs Predator-Queen


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