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When it comes to online marketing, one factor that determines the status of the business – whether it’s a success or not – is the number of email subscribers it has. But it is also a known fact that building a list does not come so easy. In fact, this is where the real challenge takes place. Thus, the search for the best methods that can increase the number of subscribers always continues.

How do you feel when you see marketers and software developers who are bragging about the thousands of subscribers they have on their list? You  probably wonder how they were able to do that, knowing especially that these kinds of email lists can earn millions of dollars over time.

If you’ve been struggling for a long time to build your email list, you might be interested in Tracks Social. Tracks Social a social media tracking app that is a built in Adobe Air. It not only is useful and does a great job of monitoring social signals, but as an Internet marketer, you can give it away and build a viral list of email subscribers on auto-pilot.

With Tracks Social, marketers can add their own autoresponder to the app and then give it away to other marketers who can use it as a bonus, free gift, or lead magnet. When users unlock the software, their email is immediately added to your autoresponder list. And because you can give it away to marketers who can also give it away, your list-building efforts can go viral.

In addition, the software comes with an advertising feature that will send visitors directly to your product page or affiliate offer. This feature works hand in hand with the Tracks Social Pro version, which is available as an upgrade. The Pro version contains additional features, and you can use it as an up-sell. For example, you can add a banner and link to the Tracks Social software which takes users to a page to buy the Pro version. Give away the base version for free, and users who want more features can buy the Pro version from you.


If you are struggling to get subscribers, Tracks Social is a great solution to build an effective email list. It is viral in nature, which allows your list to grow automatically and continually. Aside from building your email list, the software itself is geared towards earning money through banners and links you can add into it. You can fully white label the app and brand it with your own logo and name.


The base software has some limitations in terms of features that are only available in the Pro version upgrade. But by giving away the base version and selling the Pro version as an up-sell, you can also gain revenue while building your list.


Tracks Social is a revolutionary concept for marketers to build their email marketing lists. Give away the software to others and allow them to also give it away as a lead magnet or bonus. Every time a user activates the software, they get added to your list. Plus, you can promote other offers from right within the app.

Check out the demo video below to see Tracks Social in action.

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Tracks Social
Tracks Social Review & Ratings
Tracks Social is a unique tool for marketers to help grow their email subscriber lists on auto-pilot. Customize and give away the software, and your list growth can go viral.
Reader Rating1 Vote3.6
Helps build email subscriber lists on auto-pilot.
White Label rights are included. Brand it as your own.
Has a built-in advertising function.
Free updates are included.
Advanced features are only available in the Pro version.
Overall Rating
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