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Disability and mobility problems are oftentimes caused by accidents and medical conditions, but they also increase with age. Thankfully, the availability of assistive canes helps improve the lives of those who have difficulty walking and moving around. An assistive cane distributes the weight of a person from a weak or painful leg to the cane, thus improving stability. A good cane not only improves your balance as you walk, but should also be comfortable and easy to use. It should not strain you at any point, nor give you any unnecessary difficulty in using it.

There are several different types of walking canes, and the challenge is choosing the right cane for you. The type of cane that you should choose is one that really suits your needs, as they depend on the severity of your injury or mobility problem. It is important that you know the essentials about canes before purchasing one.

A single tip cane might be great for you, or you may prefer a multi-tip cane for a broader base of support. The handle or grip must be comfortable for your hand. Make sure the height of the cane is in proportion to your own height. Modern canes have a lot of features added that are very useful as well, and Trusty Cane is one of these cutting-edge canes.

Trusty Cane is a foldable walking cane with a triple head pivot base and a handle with built-in LED lights. This cane features an extra wide and pivoting head base designed to give perfect balance on most surfaces, including gravel, sand, and snow. It can even stand on its own when not held. With the foldaway straps included, you can fold it and keep it with you while you’re traveling. The built-in LED lights help you walk safely in the dark.

Trusty Cane
Trusty Cane Review & Ratings
Trusty Cane is a foldable walking cane with a triple head pivot base. It provides you with excellent support and balance, and has a handle with built-in LED lights that help you walk safely in the dark. It is also very practical and convenient for travel.
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Unique foldable design makes it convenient for travel.
The triple head pivot base provides excellent support and balance.
It can stand by itself.
The built-in lights a very useful.
The handle provides a good grip.
Some have complained about the cane falling apart and not standing on its own, but it is simply a case of making sure everything on the cane is tight.
Overall Rating
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