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Whatever niche you’re in, your target market online is searching for solutions to address their problems. Most of them are now using YouTube to get the answers they need. YouTube is a great platform to promote your brand, especially if you are looking for a wider audience. But to make money from YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine in the world, is not that simple.

You may have already used a beautiful thumbnail, created an appealing video introduction, and shared your video on several social network sites, but none of them really worked to get more traffic. This is the perfect moment to get some advice from YouTube experts. Parker Nirenstein, the fourth most profitable YouTuber in his category, uncovers the secrets to his big success with Tube Amplify.

Peter Beattie created Tube Amplify with YouTube marketing expert Parker Nirenstein. Tube Amplify is an advanced YouTube marketing product consisting of a training course and a software bundle. It will provide all the methods and tools to create your own successful YouTube channel. All you need to do is to follow the exact blueprint that Parker uses on his YouTube channel.

What you get in the Product:

The System
• Learn how to properly set up your YouTube channel and get profitable results out of it.
• You will see exactly how Parker creates his videos and ways to make it appealing even if you are on a tight budget.
• Find the best time and days to post your videos to reach maximum views and earnings.
• The system also teaches advanced SEO strategies for optimizing your videos to reach the top of the search results to automatically generate more traffic.
• Get more profitable results once you combine what you learn from here with the software.

The Software
• With Tube Amplify software, leveraging any niche on YouTube becomes a lot easier.
• Easily spy on and size up competitors.
• Get more traffic from your competitor’s customer.
• Put your YouTube publishing on autopilot.
• Uncover profitable YouTube keywords and track video rankings.


Tube Amplify is both 100% newbie friendly and veteran approved. It offers strategies with proven results as Parker uncovers his secrets to his big success. It’s designed to help you naturally pull profits from YouTube, even if you are not a multimedia expert.


Tube Amplify teaches you how to make money with YouTube, but you still have to do the work to create your own videos.


If you are looking for a proven method to run your YouTube channel profitably, then Tube Amplify might be for you. It offer a proven solution on how to monetize your YouTube efforts, as you learn from Parker Nirenstein’s huge success.

Check out the demo video below to see Tube Amplify in action.

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Tube Amplify
Tube Amplify Review & Ratings
YouTube expert Parker Nirenstein shares the secrets to his huge success on YouTube with Tube Amplify.
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100% newbie friendly and veteran approved.
Offers strategies with proven results as Parker uncovers his secrets to his YouTube success.
Designed to help you naturally pull profits from YouTube.
Teaches you how to build a successfull YouTube channel, but you still have to create your own content.
Overall Rating
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