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Do you have a WordPress blog or website? If you do, there’s one thing you are probably struggling with: images. Every blog or website must have powerful images to capture the reader’s attention and keep that attention. On the other hand, content with poor quality images is equally as boring and unappealing as that without images at all. Images say just as much or more than what you have written in your content. As a blogger or website owner, you might already know this.

WordPress is an amazing platform that helps you create blogs and websites, but it is undeniable that it has limited image functionality. What it can do for each image uploaded is basic editing such as cropping, rotating, flipping, and resizing. However, you need to have an image in the first place. You normally have to search the Internet for open source or stock images that are good enough for your needs and are not watermarked or copyrighted. Then you have to download the image to your computer and probably enhance it using an image editor. Finally, when you are satisfied with it, you upload it to WordPress and insert it in your post.

An image editor such as Photoshop can be quite helpful in editing the images. But, unless you are already an expert in Photoshop, you have to learn how to use the software. On top of that, consider the time you’ll spend downloading the images, then editing them using the software, and then uploading them to WordPress. Wouldn’t it be great if you had something that is easier and faster to use to get your work done? Well, now there is, and it’s called FotoPress.

FotoPress is a WordPress plugin that works like a Photoshop for WordPress. It adds a special FotoPress button inside the WordPress editor so you can find, edit, create, enhance, and insert images right from your WordPress site. FotoPress integrates with Pixabay, Flickr, Open Clip Art, Instagram, and Youzign (read our Youzign review). With these integrations, you can search over two million royalty-free images and add images right from within your WordPress editor when writing a post or a page. It also has 1-click crop, resize, rotate and edit features, and a full Photoshop style editor.


Being able to search for, find, insert and edit images directly withing the WordPress editor is very convenient. With FotoPress’s Photoshop-style features and Instagram-like filters, you can edit and create great images for your blogs and websites without separate complex image editing software. FotoPress has unlimited layers support inside the editor, more than twenty Instagram-like filters, and over a hundred special effects for advanced image editing. And it’s very reasonably-priced.


Most features of FotoPress are easy to use and incredibly useful; however, the user interface for resizing images could be a little better. The slider does not automatically round to a whole number, but you can enter your desired size in the input field. FotoPress was formerly named CanvaKala. It is the same tool, but users might see references to the CanvaKala name and find that confusing.


FotoPress is a wonderfully-designed WordPress plugin that makes adding and editing images in WordPress a breeze. We use it as a standard plugin on all of our WordPress websites. The features and benefits of FotoPress, which WordPress lacks, make it a worthwhile investment. Although FotoPress is a simple tool, once you try it, you’ll most likely find it to be a necessity for any WordPress blog or website.

Check out the demo video below to see FotoPress in action.

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FotoPress Review & Ratings
FotoPress is a WordPress plugin designed to easily find and customize images with Photoshop style features, right from within the WordPress editor. It's an easy to use and convenient tool for users to add the perfect images to their blogs and websites.
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Easily search for and find images from top sources right within the WordPress editor.
Has a 1-click edit feature to resize images.
Includes layers feature for advanced image editing.
Has 20+ Instagram-like filters to add to images.
Has 100+ special effects to enhance images.
Newbie-friendly and no technical skills needed.
No automatic rounding in the slider option for image resizing.
Previous CanvaKala product name can be confusing.
Overall Rating
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