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Simply Fit Board

Balance training is important because everything we do involves balancing. When you walk, you are balancing. When you are running, when you are bending to pick something up, when you are going in and out of your car, and when you are climbing the stairs, you are balancing. Proper balance training reduces the chances of falling or moving without getting any unnecessary injury. You can improve your balance by using the Simply Fit Board.

The Simply Fit Board is a piece of fitness equipment that is made of lightweight plastic material that is portable and easy to store away. It comes in four different bright colors. Other balance boards are made of wood and are usually black or dark in color. The Simply Fit Board has a weight limit of 400 lbs. while other brands have a lower weight limit. Other balance boards are circular in shape with a rounded bottom and some others look like skateboards with knobs underneath them. The Simply Fit Board, on the other hand, has a curved middle part that allows you to rock back and forth and twist while doing your workout. The board has a non-slip surface and includes handles for the hands.

Twisting works every single muscle in your core and can help you burn fat – especially on your belly and on the sides (sometimes called called muffin top). It basically strengthens your abs and legs. The Simply Fit Board not only improves your balance, your posture and stability, but it also helps you burn fat, strengthens muscles, and can help rehabilitate an ankle injury.

The Simply Fit Board comes with a few suggested exercise routines that you can perform with the board to achieve desired weight loss goals. These include simple twist, twisted bridges, bicep curls, and plank twists. The Simply Fit Board is designed to safely and effectively work for both men and women, and for all ages, including children.

Simply Fit Board
Simply Fit Board Review & Ratings
The Simply Fit Board is a lightweight plastic exercise device, which has a balance board design that allows you to twist and rock, trimming your waistline and strengthening your core muscles and legs.
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Improves your balance, posture and stability.
Has the highest weight limit among other brands of up to 400 lbs.
Comes in bright colors.
Lightweight, portable, and easy to store.
Helps in weight loss.
Helps tone your core muscles and legs.
It is not the cheapest in the market, but you get what you pay for.
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Simply Fit Board
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